Tacu Tacu Avocado Nigiri

Tacu Tacu Avocado Nigiri

Recipe by Chef Ricardo Zarate of Mo-Chica in Los Angeles, CA and Picca Peru in Beverly Hills, CA


Make tacu tacu with beans, rice, sushi vinegar, aji amarillo dressing, and burrata mousse.
Form tacu tacu into 1 ounce balls.
Top with avocado and lamb loin, dress with Korean BBQ, and finish with crispy quinoa.


4 ounces canario beans

6 ounces rice

1 lamb loin each

1 slice jalapeno pickled slice

2 ounces Korean BBQ #2

1 ounce quinoa, crispy

1 avocado each

1 ounce burrata mousse

1 ounce aji amarillo sushi dressing

1 ounce aji amarillo salsa madre