Green Gazpacchio Served in Mini Bread Bowls

Green Gazpacchio Served in Mini Bread Bowls

Recipe by Fooddeco


Mix all ingredients in a food processor and blend continuing until you have a smooth soup. Bring extra to taste with salt and pepper and add any additional water if the soup is too thick. Put the gazpacho a few hours in the refrigerator, you must serve gazpacho very cold. Pour gazpacho into four bowls and make the dishes with an extra dash of olive oil, rose petals, mint leaves, crumbled pistachios and corn grains.


1 Celery Stick, Stalk and Leaves

½ Cucumber, Peeled and Roughly Chopped

1 Garlic Clove, Grated

Hand full Fresh Spinach for coloring)

2 Sprigs Fresh Basil

2 Sprigs Fresh Mint

1/3 Cup Olive Oil

2 Cups Vegetable Stock, Cold

1 Avocado, Pitted and Peeled

2 tablespoon Sushi Vinegar

1 Lime, Zest and Juice

1 Red Chili, Finely Diced

1 teaspoon Cumin Powder

1 Spring Onion, Sliced

6 Mini Brown Breads

TOPPINGS: Corn, Pomegranate, Basil and Mint Leaves + Extra Olive Oil