Goat Cheese Bonbons Served on an Avocado Plate

Goat Cheese Bonbons Served on an Avocado Plate

Recipe by @Fooddeco


Divide the goat cheese into approximately 6 pieces (± a tablespoon of cheese per piece). Roll into small ‘bonbons’ and dip into the chili flakes.

 Meanwhile, cut avocado in half, peel off skin and remove the pit. Cut both halves in thin slices while keeping the avocado halves in one piece. Put the avocado halves on a plate and press down slowly and set them in the shape of the plate. Repeat process for the other ‘plate’.

Put goat cheese bonbons on top and add your favorite toppings, serve with crusty bread.

 TIP: Don’t like it spicy? Use fresh chopped chives and/or other fresh herbs, sesame seeds, dukkah  etcetera. Optionally you can make lollipops. Insert a small skewer into each ball.




2 Avocados

8 oz. Soft Goat Cheese

Chili Flakes

Toppings: Lime Zest, Rose Petals, Pumpkin Seeds

Slat and Pepper to Taste

Crusty Bread