Avocado Pan Con Tuna

Avocado Pan Con Tuna

Recipe by Chef Ricardo Zarate of Mo-Chica in Los Angeles, CA and Picca Peru in Beverly Hills, CA


Combine the chopped tuna with the spicy mayo in a mixing bowl.
Grill bread slice until toasted.
Square bread, cutting off the edge crust excess.
Layer tuna mix on top of it.
Cut bread into four same-size portions.
Spoon over the cucumber jalapeno relish.
Sauce it with the yuzu mayo.
Garnish with micro greens.




2 ounces big eye tuna, chopped

65 grams bread slice

1.5 ounces spicy mayo

1 ounce yuzu mayo

0.5 ounces cucumber jalapeno relish

2 ounces avocado mix (same as causa)

1 tablespoon micro greens

Sesame seed oil