On July 2nd, Avocados From Peru® treated Baltimore baseball fans to a free topping of fresh Peruvian Avocados with the purchase of a hot dog during a game in Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Known as the ‘Avodog’, this variation on the classic hot dog has already proven to be enormously popular with baseball fans, who devoured hundreds of fresh Peruvian Avocados during a New York Mets game previously. Orioles fans taking public transportation to the game also saw city buses wrapped in a full-color billboard featuring the picturesque landscape of Peru and delicious Avocados From Peru®. Much like baseball, the season for Peruvian Avocados runs from May to September, making baseball and Superfood Peruvian avocados a naturally delicious and nutritious summer double play!

Avocados at the Ballgame
AvoDog Stand